List of recent Military Exercise of India with other Countries

List of recent Military Exercise of India with other Countries:  Defence knowledge plays very important role in every defence examination. One question is definitely asked from this section. In this article we have provided you the recent military exercises of Indian Armed  Forces with different countries.

List of recent Military Exercise of India with other Countries

1. Exercise Sampriti is a Joint Training Exercise between India-Bangladesh held alternately in India and Bangladesh every year.

2. Indra is the joint exercise between the armed forces of India and Russia.

3. Exercise Dharma Guardian is an annual training event which has been conducted between India and Japan

4. Hand in Hand is a joint military exercise between India and China held under a United Nations mandate.

5. Exercise Maitree is a joint military exercise between Indian and Thailand Army

6. Garuda Shakti is a bilateral exercise between special forces of armies of India and Indonesia.

7. Mitra Shakti exercise is conducted annually as a part of military diplomacy and interaction between the armies of India and Sri Lanka.

8. Tiger Triumph is a bilateral tri-service amphibious military exercise involving the armed forces of the India and the United States. Other Exercises with US-Vajra Prahar, Yudh Abhyas

9. AUSINDEX major bienial bilateral exercise between Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Indian Navy

10 KazInd-India and Kazakhstan Military Exercise

11. Surya Kiran-India and Nepal

12. Nomadic Elephant- India and Mongolia joint military exercise

13. Harimau Shakti- India and Malaysia joint military exercise

14. Exercise Khanjar- India and Kyrgyzstan joint military exercise

15. Lamitye- India and Seychelles joint military exercise

16. Exercise SHAKTI-India and France joint military exercise

17. Vinbax- India and Vietnam Bilateral Army Exercise

18. Ajeya Warrior- India-United Kingdom joint military exercise

19. Imbax-India and Myanmar Bilateral Army Exercise

20. Prabal Dostyk-Indian and Kazakhstan Army Exercise

21. Bold Kurukshetra-India and Singapore joint military training exercise

22. Al Nagah- India and Oman

23. Ekuverin- India and Maldives

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